Soul Calibur IV Darth & Yoda updates

There’s good news and bad news. The good news is above, in the form of a trailer from CES which introduces the recently revealed Darth Vader and Yoda to Soul Calibur IV.

The bad news is that each character will be exclusive to one system. Yup, you read it right – PlayStation 3 gets Darth Vader and Xbox 360 gets Yoda. That means no epic battles between the two.

Namco just knows how to fuel fanboy wars, don’t they? I have to say, this is the weirdest exclusives deal I’ve ever seen or heard of. If they decide to keep it this way and not make the other character available via downloadable content then you’re pretty much screwed if you’d rather have the other character.

And gamers who own both systems will be forced to make a little decision as well. Weirdest.. exclusives.. ever..