Soul Calibur IV just got a lot better

1UP has the scoop today about two of Namco’s secret characters set to appear in the upcoming Soul Calibur IV. As you no doubt already deciphered from the screenshot above, one of them is Darth Vader. And the other (more screens at 1UP’s story) is no other than his long time nemesis Yoda.

Some will love it, some will no doubt hate it. Does the inclusion of these two characters make much sense? Well, no. But they could just be multiplayer characters, so they don’t have to make sense. If Namco has some specific reasons for adding them to the game, they will no doubt make those reasons known in the future.

Soul Calibur IV is set to arrive on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 later this year.

Update: Soul Calibur IV trailer featuring Darth and Yoda

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