GI’s cover story unveils Resistance 2

The latest issue of Game Informer magazine reveals the inevitable – Resistance 2.

Let’s dive right into it: the game will have two full campaigns – the singleplayer campaign and a co-op campaign. The SP campaign focuses on Nathan Hale across 1950’s USA invaded by the Chimera while the co-op campaign focuses on a squad of soldiers and can be played by 2 players offline or as 8-player co-op online.

Supporting up to 60 people, the multiplayer battles promise to be absolutely huge. They way it will work is the player logs into a lobby of 4-8 players and form a squad. Then the squad will be tasked with a particular objective and will play their part in a much bigger battle. Online classes include Heavy, Special Ops and Medic.

Insomniac plans to have more enemies on screen, better AI, lighting and shaders. More complex normal and detail mapping combine to deliver textures that look amazing from afar and at extremely close distances.

Well, it certainly looks like Insomniac has been keeping busy and plan on making a serious dent with Resistance 2. For more details hit this NeoGAF forum post and rest of the scans can be found right here.