Mass Effect DLC = “some really cool stuff”

Now that most gamers have no doubt finished Mass Effect, one big question is in the air – when will the promised downloadable content arrive?

BioWare’s community coordinator Chris Priestly said last year that one or two pieces of DLC would arrive before 2008 but here we are, still waiting.

Now, in an interview with EGM, BioWare’s project director for Mass Effect Casey Hudson has given some new info regarding the DLC. No release date was mentioned but he did say they’re working on “some really cool stuff” and the DLC will “definitely be much, much bigger and better than KOTOR’s.”

He added that one of the reasons the huge galaxy that was realized in Mass Effect was created was so it would serve as a place for them to place downloadable content. Based on that comment, the logical conclusion could be reached that BioWare plans to keep releasing new content right until Mass Effect 2 is released.

And speaking of Mass Effect 2, Hudson also said in the interview that the already revolutionary dialogue system would be taken to new heights in the next game.

Hudson: “As things wrapped up toward the end of the project, there were some aspects of [the dialogue system] that weren’t working the way we had intended. But that’s definitely something that we want to be the focus with the next Mass Effect. We want to add not only the ability to interrupt characters, but also other active things to the conversations.”

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