Another Gamespot reviewer quits

Alex Navarro, a long time reviewer and contributor at Gamespot, is packing up his desk later this month, Kotaku has learned. According to Gamespot’s Editorial Director Ricardo Torres, Navarro gave his notice on January 10th, making January 24th his last day at GameSpot.

It is yet unknown if his departure is related to last year’s Gerstmann incident.

A little over a week ago, another longtime Gamespot contibutor made the announcement that he no longer plans to contribute to the site, stressing that the problem lies with the puppet masters at CNet, the parent company of Gamespot.

So it seems Gamespot is starting to run out of staff. When Kotaku asked about the general mood of the remaining editorial staffers, Torres acknowledged that they have lost fans, but said they have also received emails of support and are trying to move forward, stressing “We owe it to the site and our readers who support it.”