Navarro: Gerstmann’s firing the reason for resignation

As reported earlier, Gamespot will be losing another reviewer this month. Alex Navarro has turned in his resignation notice and January 24th will be his last day at the popular gaming site.

One could only speculate as to what the reasons behind his resignation were. But seeing as the two appear to be close friends, it seemed pretty obvious that the way Gerstmann was fired had something to do with it.

Navarro has now confirmed that his decision to leave “had a lot to do with the whole Jeff [Gerstmann] situation. … I wouldn’t have left if this situation hadn’t gone down the way it did. … Sometimes you just realize a place isn’t for you anymore, you know?”

Navarro plans to take some time out while he considers positions in journalism and game development. “It’s a crying shame that things went down the way they did, but like I said, I think my time had just come, the time to let it go,” he said.