Third-party Wii titles not doing so hot, says developer

No More Heroes developer Goichi Suda has voiced his concern over how Nintendo is the only one who’s really profiting from Wii’s success. In an interview to CVG, the man said that third-party Wii titles aren’t doing so well, and that this is happening outside Japan as well.

Despite being greeted with solid review scores, No More Heroes has not sold as well as Suda hoped. On No More Heroes’ opening day, Suda and fellow developer Yasuhiro Wada even had to go through the humiliation of waiting twenty minutes until someone bought a copy of their game at a signing event. And that someone was apparently a games journalist. Ouch!

Microsoft’s head of global marketing Jeff Bell also brought attention to the issue in an interview late last year. “Clearly, we have a competitor where they win and no one else wins. That is not sustainable, it’s never been sustainable,” said Bell. Nintendo’s US boss Reggie Fils-Aime quickly countered the claim though, pointing to market data indicating that non-first-party developers were responsible for the majority of Wii game sales.

But could this mean that Nintendo will start losing third-party developers if things don’t change? After all, who wants to pour their heart and soul into a quality game if only a rare few buy it.