Rock Band sees 2.5 million in downloaded song sales


One of Rock Band’s much hyped features is the ability to download individual bonus tracks via the Xbox Live marketplace. Despite the ‘microtransaction hell’ hullabaloo that Oblivion started when it was first released, consumers seem to be responding positively to Rock Band’s $2 per song pricing scheme. Gamespot recently scored an interview with MTV Games exec, Paul DeGooyer, in which he discusses (admittedly, rather vaguely) future plans for DLC and how the recent Vivendi-Activision merger may affect the developer’s relationship with Universal Music Group. A few interesting snippets:

GS: Three of the four most popular individual tracks sold are covers. People are no doubt telling you they want original tracks instead of cover versions, but is the sales data really backing that up at all?

Paul DeGooyer: It’s showing us first and foremost that the best product is great gameplay. Of course there are songs that everybody knows. You see leverage in Metallica, you see leverage in the fact that the Police [tracks] are masters. Also, [if the covers are] great songs, people want them. They want to play that song.

GS: Can we get an update on when stand-alone instruments will be available?

PD: That will also be shortly, but that is a separate announcement. We’re getting our ducks in a row for that.

GS: A lot of people have invested a lot of money into Rock Band downloadable content at this point. Will any kind of Rock Band spin-off or sequel be backwards compatible with these libraries gamers are accumulating? Is that content future-proof?

PD: That’s an excellent question, and I think that would be our preference.