Ubisoft reveals the mysteries of “Lost:Via Domus”


Stephen Totilo, over at MTV’s Multiplayer blog recently got to visit the mansion that Altair built, and comes bearing gifts from the Ubisoft fortress. All this week he will be unveiling what he got to see, play and discuss during his visit to the Ubisoft video game showcase. So, what did he see first? Just a little title known as “Lost:Via Domus” due to be released February 26th on PS3, XBox 360, and PC. The game based on the smash pop/cult crossover mega-hit show on ABC promises to be everything Lost is. And isn’t.

The mysterious and esoteric “Lost:Via Domus” is a third-person survival/adventure game, ala Uncharted, centered around a previously unknown survivor of Oceanic Flight 815. The game will span all 3 seasons of Lost so far, and feature detailed locales known to all fans of the show. Using the Ghost Recon 2 graphics engine to form the beautiful environments, and an easily digestible 10 hours length, “Lost:Via Domus” is definitely aimed at the casual crowd, as well as the hardcore Lost nation. Locations and gameplay elements mentioned so far include, the planes cabin where you’ll take pre-crash photos, the wreckage where you’ll be asked by Jack to stop a fuel leak via puzzle solving, and the Swan Station where you’ll save the world from utter destruction by inputing those now infamous numbers. Built around an episodic structure, the game contains seven “episodes” that will have recaps before each concurrent episode, and will play out much like a Lost mini-season. With a cliffhanger ending no-less!?!

It doesn’t seem like the game will be much of a spoiler for any of the myriad of Lost secrets and mysteries either, but rather a parallel plot meant to intertwine organically with what has already taken place. The game, which was made while the 3rd season was underway, benefited from having access to all 3 seasons worth of scripts and a healthy dose of J.J.Abrams, and Damon Lindleof produced guidelines to keep the universe intact.

All the familiar faces will be along for the bumpy ride, if not all their voices. While the actors who portray Tom, Ben, Sun, Desmond, Claire, and Julie have all been tapped for their vocal talents, all the rest of the major characters will be voiced by stand-ins. No Jack, Kate, Sawyer, or Locke. While this may be disappointing to some, the general focus of the game seems to be the environment and the atmosphere, so this shouldn’t detract too much from its mass appeal. That, mixed with Lost’s masterful approach to character introduction via flashbacks, which will be interspersed with your time on the Island, and you’ve got one great game shaping up to hit store shelves next month!

Check out the gallery to get your Lost juices flowing!

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