Wal-Mart makes nice for Smash Bros. screw up

As I’m sure many of you have heard by now, last week for a very limited time on Friday, Wal-Mart offered the mega-anticipated Nintendo Wii game, Super Smash Bros. Brawl on sale for an unbelievable price of $19.82.

As gamers flocked to the site in droves to cop what was thought to be the greatest value of all time, word must have reached the powers that be, and the deal was quickly removed from the site and the original retail price of $49.82 was restored to the company’s website. Refunds were promptly handed out to the over-zealous, and fanboys everywhere gave the collective stink-eye to Wal-Mart, and all who do their bidding. And if you thought that’s where the story ended, you’d be wrong.

Letters were sent, better business bureau’s were alerted, and Wal-Mart was put on notice. And apparently the grousing, bitching, and complaining worked because, Wal-Mart has offered to make amends of sorts. No, they aren’t giving you one of the most highly-anticipated games in recent memory for the whopping $30 discount that many who jumped at the opportunity had hoped for, but they are sending the offended a $10 gift card, to say they’re sorry.

If you haven’t received this e-mail yet, I imagine you will soon.

“As we are always striving to provide a positive customer experience, we will be sending you a $10 electronic Gift Card toward a future purchase as an apology for your recent experience. (One Gift Card per affected customer; this card can only be used online at Walmart.com. Look for details in a separate email.).”

Now if they would just send flowers and chocolates, we could put this whole ugly mess behind us.