Stargate MMO payment structure still a mystery

One of the biggest questions the fans of any upcoming MMO want to know the answer to is if it’ll have a monthly fee and if so, how much it will be. Stargate Worlds is no different – being pounded on by the fans have made the developers no less resilient however and in a recent interview, neither studio head Dan Elggren or creative director Chris Klug would reveal what kind of a payment structure the game would adopt.

Elggren said he’s “just going to say not yet, at this point,” which leads me to believe the decision has been made but they’re not ready to announce it quite yet. Lyon’s response to the question was: “I think it should be sacks of money with dollar signs on them.”

It was also confirmed that Stargate Worlds would see a release in the fourth quarter of 2008. Which means we should start receiving more information pretty soon. My bet would be on GDC (February) or E3 (July). Until then, there’s always the teaser trailer from earlier this month.