Brazil bans “Counter-Strike” and “EverQuest”


According to a report by AFP, the country of Brazil, which is best known for futbol, cocaine and prostitutes (sounds like a good song title), has banned two of the most popular online games from the last millenia. Targeted are the uber-popular FPS “Counter-Strike” and RPG “EverQuest,” predecessor to the painfully popular World of Warcraft.

The Brazilian Federal Court issued the ban in October of last year, which didn’t immediately go into effect, but now appears to prohibit the sale of the games nationwide, according to Brazil’s official Consumer Protection Agency website. Claiming that they incite violence and were “harmful to consumer’s health.”, as well as Judge Alberto Simoes assessment that the games promote “the subversion of public order, were an attack against the democratic state and the law, and against public security.” Brazil is now unable to purchase the 9 year old games. I guess they’ll just have to illegally download them, like the rest of us.

Anyway, while “Counter-Strike” is a first-person shooter built off of the “Half-Life” engine, and is known for it’s endless modifications and realistic gameplay, the banning of ‘EverQuest’ seems a little more mysterious. Although “Counter-Strike” has a popular mod in Brazil that pits Narcotic traffickers against the long arm of the law (which I’m sure is what this is all about), I’m not really sure what “EverQuest” has done to receive the ire of such a hefty punishment. Maybe the reference to”EverQuest” as “EverCrack” hits too close to home. Maybe?

Unless a sudden outbreak of Beastlord related violence is sweeping the nation that I am unaware of, this just seems bizarre and random.