How to solve a simple gameplay limitation

Many are probably still holding off on playing Crysis for one simple reason – the game requires a beast of a machine if you want to run it with all the bells and whistles enabled. And considering just how good the graphics in this game are, playing it with medium simply won’t give you the full gameplay experience.

But while you’re waiting for the tech to become a bit more affordable — which should happen once the new video cards hit the market in a month or so — here’s another little sample of how the guys at Crytek took Crysis beyond what they did in Far Cry. Due to the open world nature of both games, they had to limit the play area somehow. Especially the sea, you couldn’t possibly just keep swimming towards the sunset. In Far Cry, if you ventured too far, a mysterious helicopter appeared rather quickly that gunned you down without mercy. In Crysis however, they devs took another, a more realistic path solve the problem – sharks.