Both Sony and Microsoft to lower prices again ?

A little rumor about another PS3 price cut started circulating today, originating from the CAG forum. Apparently on or around January 28th, Sony will lower the price of the 40GB model another 100 buckaroos, making the new price $299.

While the manufacturing costs have been cut to half recently, another price drop this soon doesn’t seem very feasible to me. But then again, taking into account what’s been happening in the HD-DVD/Blu-ray business recently, quickly saturating the market with Blu-ray players would no doubt be beneficial to Sony. So it’s a toughie, but I’m still going to have to lean towards ‘no price cut’ until some actual solid information surfaces.

And as if this rumor isn’t enough for the day, there’s another one going around about how Microsoft will drop the price of their Premium unit to $299 as well. An anonymous tipster says that the price will be lowered on the same day as Grand Theft Auto IV is released.

And that actually makes sense. One of Microsoft’s big aces this console generation was that GTA IV will be released on the 360 on the same day as on the PS3. So it would be obvious that with a franchise this huge, both Sony and Microsoft are trying to make sure that people who haven’t bought either system yet, will choose theirs over the other.

Keep in mind though – these are nothing but unsubstantiated rumors at this point, so kindly don’t go spreading them around as facts (yes, I’m looking at you fanboys).