No mutants to worry about in Far Cry 2

One thing that ruined the original Far Cry for many people were the Trigens (aka mutants). Ubisoft and Crytek didn’t start talking about them until the game was practically out the door so some gamers didn’t even know they existed until one almost jumped in their face. They were hated by most as an unnecessary, unbalanced addition to an otherwise brilliant game.

Thankfully the developers at Ubisoft have recognized that and you won’t encounter any mutant thingies as you move through the vast African savannah in Far Cry 2. “Don’t expect mutants as some surprise later on,” producer Lois-Pierre Pharand said in this month’s Edge magazine.

You will become a monster yourself however — a metaphorical one — as you move through the game, feared by both your enemies and allies. When the game starts, you’ll be infected with malaria and as you progress, you’ll start discovering medicine that will make you stronger and allows you to take more damage.

You will become dependent on the medicine to the point where you become “sickly and grotesque, but still more notorious,” says creative director Clint Hocking. “You transform from being this healthy guy to somebody that’s literally dependent on being cruel and vicious, twisted and deformed and vomiting all the time.” Well isn’t that just peachy.

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