White PS3 coming Stateside?


According to FCC Filings released today, the fabled Ceramic White PS3 which has been available in Japan since November, could finally be making a trip across the Pacific. The filings which were made in October, but only revealed to the public today due to a short-term confidentiality request made by Sony, indicates that the 40GB, Ceramic White PS3 packaged with the as yet unavailable, DualShock 3 controller has been cleared for sale in the U.S.Now whether or not they bring it to Yankee territory is a whole other question. Here’s what Sony had to say about it:

“As you may know, there are many FCC filings like this each year. We haven’t made any announcements about upcoming PS3 plans, but are comfortable with our current two sku strategy.”….“We are continually evaluating the market trends and consumer input to determine the appropriate PS3 models for our territory.”

And as for a European release:

“…SCEA make many of these filings each year and it does not necessarily mean they will definitely happen… As for SCEE, we have no plans [to release the Ceramic White PS3] at the moment.

But with the rumors flying fast and furious about a potential price drop to $300 for the original Black PS3, and the current unavailability of the highly-sought after DualShock3, you have to wonder if there isn’t a perfect storm brewing? One thing is certain, Sony is looking for anything to stimulate the growth of their current-gen console, which is still being outsold by it’s older brother.Could a pearly white, $300 PS3 with a DualShock3 packaged inside the box be coming? Now pack-in a AAA title like Resistance or Motorstorm. Or better yet, pack-in Uncharted:Drake’s Fortune, a game every PS3 owner should be playing, and the leading competitors might have a problem.