Deadline Games announces “Faith and a .45”

Total Overdose developer Deadline Games has announced “Faith and a .45,” a cross-country epic set during the Great Depression. The game follows the story of two outlaw lovers — Luke and Ruby — seeking revenge on a ruthless, corrupt oilman.

CEO Chris Mottes: “Since we at Deadline have our roots in movie production, we value original stories, settings and characters very highly. Our previous games are testament to this, but we believe Faith is going to take our creative might to a whole new level.”

The Bonnie and Clyde style shooter promises to have a heavy focus on characters, co-op gameplay, road movie storytelling and cinematic aesthetics. Deadline Games will be presenting the game next month at the Game Developers Conference to selected publishers only, so don’t expect much more info about this one anytime soon. All we have right now is the promotional piece of art you can see above and the knowledge that the game is planned for “next-gen platforms,” meaning Xbox 360, PS3, and possibly PC.