God of War 3 in 2009?…(sigh)


According to “a reliable Sony source”, Games Radar is reporting that we shouldn’t expect to see Kratos any time soon. By Christmas 2008? No. By Christmas 2009? Uhhm, Maybe.

With the fate of the PS3 hanging in the balance, hinging so much on 2008 and the exclusive software releases that will determine its place in the current generation of consoles, this is bad news. Many people have speculated that the game, only recently announced when GOW2 creative director Cory Barlog left Sony, might be the 1080p cherry on top of the already impressive sundae of games expected this year.

Take into account the fact that GOW2 was just released last year to critical and commercial success (considered by many to be the ps2’s official swan song game), and the time it takes to develop such an epic adventure, and it may have been unrealistic to believe that it would drop in ’08. But scattered reports, rumor, and pure optimism lead many to hope it would happen. Guess not. (sigh)