PSP Skype service delayed in Japan


Sony Computer Entertainment of America quietly announced recently that they would be delaying the January 24th release of Skype telephone functionality for the Playstation Portable in Japan. According to reports, the delay is tied to Sony’s inability to meet the high specification standards set by Skype for Sony’s first party microphone peripheral, which was to be released alongside the mostly-free Skype service.

No word on how this will effect the U.S. and European releases of Skype functionality, but all indicators point to plans proceeding as scheduled. With a firmware update just days away, American gamers should be yapping away in-between sessions of Castlevania, and Metal Gear before they know it.

Details of what you can expect after the jump!

A couple things to keep in mind before getting all excited:

  1. To enjoy Skype features on PSP, users will need Memory Stick Duo(TM),
    a wireless Internet connection and a Skype-compatible audio input
  2. In order to receive calls, users must be connected to the Internet
    and signed in through the Skype screen on PSP.


  • Free voice calls between Skype users
  • Skype contact list management (view existing contacts, add new ones)
  • Skype presence (see which friends are online and available to talk)
  • SkypeOut(TM) calls to make calls to landlines and mobile phones
    anywhere in the world (requires the purchase of Skype credit)
  • Optional SkypeIn(TM) number that lets users receive calls on Skype from
    landlines and mobiles anywhere in the world (requires the purchase of
    Skype credit)
  • View and modify Skype settings and account details (including username
    creation, SkypeOut settings, voicemail settings and call forwarding)