Burnout Paradise review roundup

EA’s latest game in the Burnout series has certainly gathered some fairly positive reviews so far. At the time of writing, both Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game had an average score of 88/100 on Metacritic. User scores are a bit lower though, 7.1/10 for the 360 version and 7.9/10 for the PS3 version.

Before making the final decision on whether or not this is a game to pick up, be sure to take the game for a little test drive – there’s a demo available on both XBL Marketplace and PSN Store. But enough talk, here’s what the critics have to say:

Team Xbox 92/100 [X360]: “Crashing cars is still priority number one in Burnout Paradise, and it has never looked better with the HD graphics and new deformation engine on its side. And what more good can you say about a title that has taken online integration to such lofty heights? “Great” will suffice. “

Official Xbox Magazine 90/100 [X360]: “No longer a linear affair, Burnout Paradise offers a free-roaming city environment — think Test Drive Unlimited with a death wish and put-up-or-shut-up challenges at every traffic light.”

GameSpy 90/100 [X360]: “Though the navigation system of Paradise City works well, it’s got quirks that take getting used to. You can’t set waypoints to get to a specific race, which is a bit of a letdown once you’ve started getting further along in the game.”

EuroGamer 80/100 [X360]: “What’s abundantly obvious is that the more time you’re prepared to invest, the better it eventually becomes, and the less some of its irritating design oddities will bother you.”

GameZone 92/100 [PS3]: “The soundtrack is EA Trax and includes a very good assortment of tunes, both classic rock and some bands you may not be familiar with. This is likely one of the better musical scores to grace a racer in some time.”

GameTap 90/100 [PS3]: “You’ll notice lots of real-life advertising in Burnout Paradise, from CompUSA billboards to Diesel ads on gas stations to Gillette vans. That’s thanks to the two different deals that EA made with in-game advertising placement companies.”

1UP 89/100 [PS3]: “Future content updates seem like a given, considering that the single-player game’s finest events — Road Rage and Marked Man — aren’t currently available in the otherwise sensational online mode.”

TotalVideoGames 80/100 [PS3]: “This adrenaline fuelled gameplay hasn’t been lost altogether in Paradise but the sprawling, open-world environment has diluted it considerably, leaving a shadow of the classic Burnout style behind it.”

And here’s a GameSpot video review. This is Alex Navarro’s last review at GameSpot by the way, seeing as yesterday was his last day with the site.

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