Harmonix to Release Standalone Rock Band Instruments

Rock Band

Finally, Harmonix will begin releasing standalone instruments. I always wondered why they kept from releasing instruments so long. If they had released instruments at the same time, players could play with two guitars, and players could immediately begin to enjoy the head-to-head gameplay, battling guitars vs. guitars and drums vs. drums, and challenge modes where players will compete to perform the better show. Also, what if an instrument broke? Some rowdy youngin got a little rough on the drums and broke them? There were no replacements one could buy.

However, I am happy to announce that beginning February 12th, standalone instruments will hit the shelves so you can live the full fledged Rock Band experience and replace any broken instruments due to the classic “let’s wreck everything after our amazing show” syndrome. Harmonix also plans to release wireless guitars for all platforms, which is a plus, but it comes out on April 1st… and I can only hope it’s not going to be a joke.