Konami denies MGS4 demo release

Even though Konami has repeatedly denied the existence of a Metal Gear Solid 4 demo, the rumors just don’t seem to die and keep resurfacing time after time.

The last time this happened was just this Monday when scans of the January issue of PlayStation World Magazine were posted online. The magazine included a preview of MGS4 where the editor wrote that the level he got to play would be released on PSN in the form of a demo as soon as this February. But it would seem the magazine made a pretty serious mistake and our hopes for a little interactive taste of MGS4 must be crushed once again. Yes, the existence of any demo has been denied once again. This time by Kojima’s own Ryan Payton in a recent Kojima Production Report podcast.

Oh well, guess we should continue to wait patiently for the full game to be released then, which should be in the second quarter of 2008.