Jack Thompson reacts to GTA IV release date announcement


Here we go again – the moment the release date for GTA IV is announced, we can count on hearing from Jack Thompson. The Miami lawyer has sent out the following e-mail statement, once again calling GTA a killing simulator and all.

Take-Two shares have jumped approximately 12% today on this news. What the market is not factoring in, however, is the downside risk coming Take-Two’s way with the sale of this “Mature” game to kids, which is a murder simulator for violence against women, cops, and innocent bystanders…

Thompson will, in the days and weeks ahead, be contacting state and federal officials to stop the improper sales of Grand Theft Auto IV to anyone under seventeen years of age, as any such sales violate state and federal fraudulent and deceptive trade practices statutes.

Oh, and if you haven’t heard yet, Thompson faced an ethics trial in December last year, a process which could ultimately see him disbarred. The judge’s decision is expected some time this spring.