Vegas 2 – better AI, more control


Looking at Next-gen’s preview of Rainbox Six Vegas 2, Team Rainbow’s second visit to Vegas could prove to be a more challenging one as the more advanced enemy AI could give you a run for your money. The enemy will now use cover more effectively, possibly forcing you to approach the situation from another angle as the bad guys won’t just sit in one place anymore if they’re partially exposed to you. Some enemy units will also have thermal and night-vision equipped, making items like smoke grenades useless against them.

On the bright side, your teams’ intelligence level has been upped a bit as well. They will no longer move straight forward to attack the enemy but utilize cover by moving from position to position, covering each other as they advance. You’ll also be able to give more commands to your team — like throwing grenades and suppressing fire — to open up a few more tactical options.

The levels will include more breakable objects, which is always fun, and the cover positions you find throughout the locations in the game will have more grades of effectiveness. Some objects will become less desirable places to hide behind as they become under heavy fire and break (like vehicles in the first game) while plywood for example will offer no protection what so ever.

The preview also talks about the new reward system that will be present in both single and multiplayer – a feature perhaps best explained by a developer in this development diary video Ubisoft released a while ago.

Vegas 2 is still scheduled for a March release on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

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