WorldShift’s first in-game video released

The first time I laid eyes on WorldShift, it kind of hit a cord with me. Something about it just felt right. And now that the first in-game video is released, it doesn’t look bad at all. After watching the video above, be sure to hit our WorldShift gallery for some quality screenshots of the game.

Here’s a little about the game for those who have completely missed it: “WorldShift is set thousands of years later, when our civilization is no more than a fading myth. The remains of Shard Zero still are spreading its Plague, twisting and re-shaping Earth and its nature, sometimes in the course of centuries and sometimes in a matter of hours. Humans developed a new culture and now live in 5 mega-cities, struggling every day for the precious resources they need to survive. The rest of Earth is populated by the Tribes, successors of early humans, that were affected by the Plague.”

There’s no known release date for this one yet, but the video above promises it’s “coming soon”.

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