80GB PS3 getting the boot, to be replaced with 120-160GB with Dual Shock 3 ?

sonyps380gbrumor.jpgJames Armstrong, the vice president of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, suggested a while back that the SIXAXIS controller in PS3’s retail units would be replaced with DualShock 3 somewhere in the future.

Now an apparent industry insider has given Ars Technica some more details regarding the matter. The source says that the rumors of Sony phasing out the 80GB model are in fact true and that the company will continue with their two-SKU approach, and that the prices will remain the same.

The source added: “The Spiderman 3 pack-in will disappear as well once the 80GB unit is gone. In order to maintain a similar value proposition to the 80GB/Spiderman 3 bundle, I expect to see a storage increase to 120 or 160GB at the same price point, plus the new Dual-Shock 3 controller.”

It’s worth mentioning that whenever the source has come forward with information, he/she has got it right almost every time. So this might just pan out.