Can Nintendo and 3rd Parties Co-exist?

marioarmy.jpgOkay so we all know that Wii is selling at break neck speeds and is pretty much unavailable everywhere while The Big N is raking in cash by the truck load and posting spectacular earnings. So everything should be happy over at the house that Mario built? Not so, as there is real concern over at Nintendo headquarters about the rate at which 3rd party titles are selling on the system.

Nintendo GameCube starved for 3rd party support back in the day, so this has been a constant worry for developers and Nintendo alike. But Nintendo has now responded to the issue by stating the obvious and saying that Wii is a new system on the market and their development teams have spent the most time with the hardware. So naturally their games are going to be the most polished. Who’d a thunk it?!?!?!

Nintendo Japan, translated by Develop, had this to say: “When we develop new hardware at Nintendo, we do so as a collaboration between the hardware development teams and teh software development teams. Our software sales percentage is currently high because our internal teams know the Wii’s special characteristics best, and they started development quite a bit before the Wii’s release. However, we believe that eventually that will change.”

But all is not lost for 3rd party developers. Nintendo goes on to elaborate a bit more providing a glimmer of hope at the end of the tunnel.

“We identified the same thing in the DS’ first period, and the situation continues to change little by little. For the Wii too, we believe that as time passes, the proportion of high-selling titles that come from our licensees will increase.”

Seems to be a little too early to call it. Here’s to hoping that things improve for all those developers not named Nintendo.