Codemasters to publish NetDevil’s sci-fi MMO


Codemasters Online and NetDevil have announced their partnership to bring Jumpgate Evolution, a sci-fi MMO developed by NetDevil, to North America and Europe this year. Codemasters Online is now the exclusive publisher of the game across Europe and will be working with NetDevil to bring the game to the North American market as well.

Hit the newly opened Jumpgate Evolution gallery to check out some rather nice looking screenshots that were sent out alongside this announcement. Below are the mandatory quotes from the big shots of both companies and a short summary of what the game will be all about.

David Solari, Vice President, Codemasters Online: ‘We are very pleased to be working with NetDevil to release this exciting project across North America & Europe. Jumpgate brings something new and fresh to the online persistent space. The all-action approach and thrilling, twitch-based space combat really sets it apart from other MMOs in the market and we are very much looking forward to releasing this space epic in late 2008.”

Scott Brown, President of NetDevil: “We’re really excited about this relationship. Codemasters has already established themselves as a premium game developer and publisher; as well as one of the most successful MMO operators in the business. Very few companies have those kinds of credentials. This combination of experience and dedication is a perfect fit for NetDevil and we are thrilled to be working with such a great partner.”

Jumpgate is the definitive space combat MMO allowing players to choose from one of three playable nations and engage in an intense action-packed universe. Embarking on an immersive and accessible space adventure players can trade valuable commodities, take part in dangerous outer-space raids, meet and play with friends and live out the dream to become an elite hero or infamous space pirate. The game features both a rich and varied universe to explore and has been designed for experienced and novice MMO players alike.

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