CryENGINE 2 to be showed running on PS3/X360


At the Game Developers Conference next month, for the first time ever, Crytek will be showing how CryENGINE 2 runs on other systems, namely on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Don’t get too excited just yet though – the presentation will be open to a select audience only, so whether or not some footage will be released outside that room is a big fat question mark right now.

When it comes to the power of the engine, complaints of how poorly Crysis performs on today’s hardware have been flying in from everywhere. When giving out their Game of the Year 2007 awards, even left Crysis out of their “Best Graphics” category because the poor fellows couldn’t get the game running properly on maximum settings. Well it seems Crytek has had enough of that kind of talk and is planning on setting the record straight – they’ll be demonstrating how well the fully optimized engine will perform on a ~600 dollar budget PC. And that even includes the mouse and keyboard. Makes you feel pretty silly for buying that $800 video card, doesn’t it?