GRAW2 DLC now available on LIVE


The long-awaited co-op map pack for GRAW 2 is now available on Marketplace for 800 Microsoft Points. This one is especially sweet to those who have been playing Ghost Recon since the original PC game since seven of the nine maps that this pack offers are inspired by maps from the original game and its Island Thunder expansion. The other two maps are completely new. A little preview of all the maps in action in the form of a trailer is located after the break.

If you’re an Achievement junkie then you’ll be happy to know that this DLC also brings nine new Achievements worth a total of 125 points.

Here’s the story of the new new co-op campaign: Manuel Suazo Azcona has emerged as the leader of a new rebel movement in El Salvador. Azcona’s plan seems to be an attempt to destabilize the governments of both El Salvador and neighboring Honduras. Once their respective governments are weakened, he will incite the people to try and overthrow both countries’ U.S.-backed leaders. The Ghosts are being sent in to quell this uprising before it starts. They must first stop the rebel incursions over the two nations’ shared border and then hunt down the rebel leaders one by one. If they fail, America’s efforts in the region could be set back by decades.

There’s also a smaller, free DLC available today – the “More Guns Pack” content pack, which includes seven new weapons that can be used in the Single Player Quick Mission mode.