Haze’s project lead comments on recent delay


It almost seems that Haze has been cursed somehow – the game gets delayed time after time, with no exact dates or official statements in sight. After the most recent delay though, the project lead for the game, Derek Littlewood, has made a few comments regarding the matter. He says the delay is not something they take lightly and that everyone at Free Radical and Ubisoft would love to release the game for the fans. But:

“..the game isn’t finished. There’s still some things we’d like to polish and refine, and while it may seem like we’re ignoring you guys by delaying it, it’s precisely *because* of you guys that the delay has happened – because we want to make sure the game is as good as it can be when you finally get your hands on it.”

Since no official announcement was ever made, Haze’s exclusivity has also been a question mark – originally planned for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, Haze suddenly became an exclusive for the PS3. Why? “We just felt that PS3 needed some love,” an Ubisoft representative said back then. And it seems that continues to be the case for now – a few days ago another Ubisoft rep spoke, denying the game will be headed to any other system.

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