Nyko Untangles Wii Controllers


Nyko has created a kit that turns your complete Wii controller wireless, doing away with the cord that connects your Wii Remote and your Nunchuk. Instead, you plug a wireless receiver on the end of your Wii Remote and plug the Nunchuk into somewhat of a sleeve that you can wrap the cord around to keep it out of the way. The wireless kit runs on two AAA batteries and runs for as long as 60 hours, according to Nyko. The price of this kit will be $19.99.

“Nyko is dedicated to providing outstanding wireless solutions for Wii gamers,” said Chris Arbogast, Marketing Director at Nyko Technologies. “We want to provide multiple options for those looking to untangle their Wii experience.”

Although wireless solutions for games are a godsend as we have for too long have had to worry about wires running everywhere, this wireless kit seems a bit like an unnecessary luxury. From the pictures, the kit makes the Wii Remote and Nunchuk look bulky and clumsy. This wireless setup also gives around 15 feet of range, but the controllers are never farther apart than your body is wide, so is that really necessary?

But if you’re on a mission to make your Wii-xperience wireless, you should go with the real Wireless Nunchuk from the same company and be 100% wire-free for an extra 10 bucks.