A few Just Cause 2 details from Eidos


The development of Just Cause 2 has been no secret, but Eidos has finally acknowledged the game with an official press release the company sent out today, announcing the game itself and a few of its features, with a number of screenshots packed on top for flavor.

Developed once again by Avalanche Studios, Just Cause 2 brings back Rico Rodriquez who will this time around blow up a significant chunk of the South East Asian islands of Panau. As is usually expected with sequels, Just Cause 2 will have more of just about everything – more weapons, more vehicles, a new stunts system(air, land and sea), and an overhauled grappling hook.

The graphics aren’t exactly top notch when compared to the top dogs these days but since the game world is 1000 sq km in size, we’ll let that one slide.

Alex Price, Brand Manager: “Remember everything you loved about Just Cause, then take it to the next level: vehicles, stunts, weapons, freedom, grappling hook, action, everything. The game world is even more incredible in Just Cause 2 and Rico has done a bit of growing up, so expect quite a few new surprises up his sleeves.”

Just Cause 2 is set for an ’08 release on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, leaving Xbox and PS2 out in the cold this time.

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