Developer reacts to Turning Point demo feedback


The Turning Point: Fall of Liberty demo that was released a while ago has been generally received as craptastic. The game isn’t looking too hot graphically, has absolutely horrible controls and the enemy AI is nothing worth writing home about.

The developers have heard the harsh reaction from gamers and have made it known that the demo is in fact comparable to a several month old build of the game. Apparently a number of improvements to the game has been made since then. Improvements like optimized targeting and movement, refined AI behavior, optimized ammo levels etc. You can check out the full dev post at their IGN blog here.

But changes or not, Turning Point seemed fundamentally broken to me. One of the cool things about this game is the alternate reality WWII theme so the story itself might actually prove to be excellent. But unless a new, significantly improved demo is released, I’ll never find out.