Zyon Games brings the best free-to-play MMO’s from Asia to western audiences

zyonlogo.jpgZyon Games, an independent publisher of free-to-play MMO’s, is working on bringing the best games from Asia over to the US and European markets in a variety of languages. The games they’re bringing over are promising to be “on par or better then the pay to play big budget titles.”

The company was organized in late 2007 by former Aeria Games & New Game World veteran Steven Wade who says their strategy is “a couple of guys who are passionate about games just fulfilling their dream by doing what they love.”

The company has offices in both California and Ireland, and is “poised to service both the North American and European markets.”

The first two games are expected to land in the first half ’08 – “Secret Online” will arrive in the US early this spring, closely followed by the casual MMORPG “Childhood”.

Secret Online is a full 3D MMORPG full of ancient mystery deeply involved in technology, martial arts, intriguing sociology, and politics. Secret Online allows players to be fully immersed into the fighting experiences with the excellent Hr3D game engine. The Developer has provided a flexible system for players to choose their own unique play style. What’s more, with over 200 quest released during open beta, players can look forward to a never ending series of interesting mob kills and quests completions.

Childhood is the only Cute 3D turned based Hardcore casual MMORPG masterpiece in the US targeted at Children from 6 -92. The game play is fast to jump into and fun to play with a very fun and humorous story line to keep players anxiously anticipating their next quest.