Far Cry 2’s Creative Director Talks

Gamespot UK has conducted a video interview with Clint Hocking, the Creative Director of Far Cry 2. In the six minute video, Hocking talks about everything from the tech of the Dunia engine and how they wanted to have the absolute best looking PC title ever, to how important the choice of the vast savannah for the games’ setting was, to how the recently announced Xbox 360 and PS3 versions came to be.

With Crysis tightly holding on to the beauty queen title right now, Ubisoft Montreal definitely has their work cut out for them. What they’ve shown so far looks great without a doubt – but great enough to top Crytek’s beast of a game ? Fortunately, it won’t be long now until everyone — and by everyone I mean the 2% that have a PC powerful enough to run it at maximum settings — can judge that for themselves as Far Cry 2 will arrive on store shelves in March.

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