Smash Brothers leak reveals new characters, stages


Kokatu has compiled a list of recently leaked screenshots of the Japanese localization of the recently delayed upcoming Wii title, Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Many surprises and no doubt sighs of relief are to be had by the fandom, many of whom found the scarcity of updates to the official character roster on the official Smash Brothers Dojo to be indicative of their favorite character’s disappearance from the series.

Get ready for some spoilers after the break.

Confirmed returning fighters, in addition to the ones officially revealed by the Dojo, now include Captain Falcon, Luigi, Falco, Jigglypuff, Mr. Game & Watch (ugh), and Ganondorf. Young Link seems to have been replaced by ‘Toon Link’, a nondescript amalgam of the Links from the cellshaded Zelda adventures, Windwaker and Phantom Hourglass. The new Fire Emblem combatant, Ike, has apparently replaced Roy, while Marth remains on the roster, bringing the total number of blue-haired Fire Emblem characters to a superfluous two.

Many Earthbound fans had taken Lucas’ appearance from the unreleased in the US, Mother 3, to mean that Ness would be replaced. Screenshots confirm that Ness is remaining on the roster in addition to Lucas. And of course Bowser, the King of Koopas, will be returning, as if there was any doubt.

And now, for the new additions!

Despite many players concerns about Falco being a more or less carbon copy clone of Fox, Wolf O’Donnell from the Star Fox series will also be entering the brawl. Here’s hoping he gets some new moves.

Mewtwo has yet to make a reappearance, much to this editor’s dismay, but in his place is a more modern legendary Pokemon, Lucario.