Stormregion’s new game engine allows gameplay altering weather effects

Stormregion, the developer of Codename: Panzers – Cold War, is particularily proud of the new game engine they’ve created for the game. So much so that the publisher of the upcoming RTS game, 10tacle Studios, has sent out a press release explaining a few things – the engine is named the Gepard3 Engine and the weather effects allow for the devs to add a number of fancy, gameplay altering effects to the game.

Here’s the official wording from the press release: “In a detailed war simulation it is important to create realistic weather transitions which in turn have a realistic effect on gameplay and visual effects. The new graphics system provided by the brand new Gepard3 Engine allowed developer Stormregion to create a large variety of different surfaces such as, for example, reflecting puddles which disappear over time, vehicles which become wet with rain or glistening sheets of ice. This creates a completely realistic weather system which directly affects play through decreased visibility, changing movement speeds or changed weapons ranges, to name but a few examples.”

Unfortunately the video above (which was sent out with this press release) doesn’t show what’s promised, so I guess we all just have to take 10tacle’s word for it. The game doesn’t have a conrete date as of yet but we do know it will arrive in March of this year.