Crysis – over 1 million copies sold


There’s no doubt that Crysis was probably one of the most hyped up PC games ever. But after its initial release during the holiday rush, when the sales topped off at a surprisingly disappointing 86,000 copies sold, things were starting to look a bit ugly for the best looking game out there.

But it seems people have realized that EA wasn’t kidding around when they set a release date for the often-delayed game, as recent news from the company state that its sales have increased tenfold in the aftermath of the holidays and that Crysis has now sold over one million copies.

If you’re one of the countless people who are still having trouble running the game with your current specs, then GDC is the event you should pay attention to. Crytek will be demonstrating there how CryENGINE 2 runs on a 600 dollar budget PC.

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