Denied Ops single and co-op demo now available


The Puncture Tech in Pivotal Games’ Conflict: Denied Ops promises to allow the player to do some cool things in the game – things like shooting through walls to create a sniping hole or blowing up a wall or two to flank the bad guys. And now you can go try that out for yourself as the games demo has popped up on Xbox LIVE Marketplace today. The demo is a 730MB download, features both single and 2 player co-op play, and is available in all Xbox LIVE regions except Germany and Japan.

Here’s the Dashboard description: “Play the single player and 2 player co-op demo of Conflict: Denied Ops! Conflict: Denied Ops puts you in command of two hardened CIA paramilitary operatives in intense missions set across South America, Africa and Siberia. Experience ruthless real-world action. Go loud, go stealthy. Switch between your two-man squad under intense crossfire or join a buddy in the 2 player online & split screen co-op campaign. Take cover as your surroundings are blown to pieces in massively destructible environments featuring Puncture Tech.”