Faith and a .45 teaser trailer released

The first teaser trailer for Deadline Games’ recently announced Faith and a .45 has been released. Besides a few pieces of concept art at the beginning and end of the teaser, it also shows about 30 seconds worth of actual gameplay. And it’s looking pretty damn good – it’s almost feels like Gears of War/GRAW hybrid in a 1930’s setting.

Unfortunately, the game is still a long way off from being finished. Game Director Søren Lundgaard said in a phone interview to IGN that what they have right now is a just a little piece of the game that proves the core gameplay mechanics, the technology, and the world they’re building. But when it comes to a final product, there’s still 18-24 months worth of development ahead of them.

Deadline Games will be looking for a publisher for Faith and a .45 at the Game Developers Conference this month, and Lundgaard said the final release date might also depend on who they manage to get on board and what their view of the game will be.

But it’s refreshing to see some developers taking a risk and making something besides another generic sci-fi first person shooter for a change. Now that BioShock has shown that if done well, there definitely is a market for a little variety, hopefully we’ll see more and more devs follow suit.