Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds cover revealed


While showing off HSG’s newest feature known as the Advanced Shot Mode (ASM) on the official Playstation Blog, Sony Computer Entertainment America Associate Producer Chris Hinjosa-Miranda dropped a nice little jewel on the people. He revealed what the cover of the new Hot Shots Golf will look like.

Ehhh, I’m not really sure why they ditched the cute chick that adorns the Japanese version of the game (Minna No Golf 5), for this ultra-creepy dude in the shades, but whatever. Trying to appeal to the American audience I guess. Either way, I’m sure the cover won’t deter links fans from picking this one up.

As for the new shot mechanism, it appears to be an attempt at making your tee-offs, chip-ins, and sand trap excavations more intuitive. Rather than working off a meter, you’ll have to pay close attention to your character’s swing mechanics, and try to use those visual clues to take the perfect shot.

Get the full break down on the new Advanced Shot Mode after the jump!

Hot Shots 1

As the image above shows, the Advanced Shot Mode (ASM) functions pretty much the same way as the traditional method. However, all the visual cues as to when to strike will rely more on you (the player) paying attention to your character’s swing motions.

Hot Shots Golf Advanced Shot Mode 1

Step 1: Like previous versions, you’ll have to adjust the direction of where you’d like to ball to go (where it eventually goes… that’s where the next steps play a crucial role).

Hot Shots Golf Advanced Shot Mode 2

Step 2: Once you press X your swing will commence. A good tip for first timers is to see the natural trajectory of the golf club… so hit X once and just watch the club as it progresses through from start to finish. One thing that you’ll notice is the club flashing twice (once yellow, once red). Try to remember these points as they’ll come in really handy!

Step 3: This is the point of no return! Start off the swing mechanism and watch the natural progression… and hitting X at any point will stop and start the downswing… this is how you set the power to your stroke, and you have to gauge the strength by the flashing points! Hitting X at the top of the swing (red flash) will set your power at 100%; hitting X at the yellow mark will put enough strength on to get to the cup (if you are close enough)… however, don’t forget to take the elements into consideration: the yellow mark is enough strength under optimal conditions (no wind, no rain, flat course, on the fairway, etc)