More Portal On The Way


Valve’s The Orange Box was one of the best bangs you could get for your gaming bucks in 2007 (or ever, for that matter). The ‘5 games in one’ package received high praise from critics and gamers alike and had solid multi-platform sales. But if you think Valve will somehow pull off another super-deal package like that, you’ll likely be in for some disappointment.

Valve spokesperson Doug Lombardi has told Eurogamer that while there definitely will be more Portal, the chances of putting together another Orange Box type of package are slim. But if Half-Life 2: Episode Three the company is currently keeping themselves busy with, and the new Portal game are finished around the same time, then it could happen. So there’s a little glimmer of hope for the optimist in you.

Speaking of Episode Three, Lombardi promises that exact details about what Gordon the crowbar man is up to will be released in the coming months. For now, PS3 and 360 owners can look forward to some free downloadable maps for Team Fortress 2. No hints on a date yet however.