Emotiv to showcase mind control tech at GDC ’08


Emotiv wowed people last year and created quite a buzz at GDC ’07, after they showed off their EEG powered, “high fidelity neuro-system” controller for gaming. Basically, it’s a helmet that can read your thoughts, emotions, and facial expressions and respond accordingly. Visions of Jedi’s using the force, assassin’s sneaking stealthily through missions, and magicians deploying magic, flooded the imaginations of gamers.

News reports by MSNBC, CNBC, and just about every tech blog in the world spoke of the amazing possibilities that lie ahead for gamers. And just about everybody was excited. Their website was inundated with hits, receiving over 3 million visits in 3 days!

With the popularity of the Wii taking the world by storm, not much has been heard of from the Emotiv camp; until now! Through an invitation only showcase, Emotiv plans to reveal to the gaming community just how far they’ve come in their desire to take games out of the players hands, and put them into their minds. On February 19th Emotiv will show off the final version of the tech for the first time, with an “exclusive launch event.”

Push, pull, slide, rotate, lift, drop, right, left, up, down, in, and out were being shown off last year. As was a demo of the tech integrated into a Harry Potter game, where Harry casted spells with his mind. Who knows how far they’ve come in the last year? But we’re about to find out.

Their website simply states: Wait until you see what we have planned for GDC ’08!

(Editor’s Note: Emotiv + Johnny Lee + Wii + HD = Greatest System Ever!!!!!)