FlatOut Ultimate Carnage PC-bound


Empire and Bugbear have announced that they’re not leaving their long-time fans out to dry and are bringing the FlatOut series to the PC again. It won’t be a brand new FlatOut game however, but rather a PC version of Ultimate Carnage – the latest game in the series that was released on Xbox 360 last year.

Jussi Laakkonen from Bugbear: “Since announcing the Xbox 360 release we’ve witnessed fanatical anticipation and demand for FlatOut Ultimate Carnage on PC. It gives us great pleasure to bring this mayhem to the PC, for which FlatOut fans across the globe have long been clamouring!”

The original FlatOut was a breath of fresh air when it was originally released in 2005. A year later saw the release of FlatOut 2, which wasn’t as great mainly due to some shoddy controls, but FlatOut Ultimate Carnage on the 360 got it mostly right again.

Overall, the FlatOut franchise has managed to introduce a certain kind of fun to the racing genre again. Not the Forza, PGR or GT kind of fun, but the “get out of my way or I’m going to ram you against a wall so hard that your ride will explode” kind. Almost everything the games did, they did well. And thanks to an insane number of objects present on the tracks — the number of which increased with every game — that you can break, drive through and decorate the track with, no two races were the same.

PC gamers worldwide will get their chance to hop back behind the wheel again in June this year. And with rivaling visuals and multiplayer play, it will be just as good as the 360 version.

The series is also making its PSP debut this March with FlatOut: Head On.