No More Heroes originally designed for 360


It turns out the much talked about No More Heroes was initially designed as a 360 title, Grasshopper founder Goichi Suda aka Suda 51 has revealed. The reason it ended up on Nintendo’s system was because he was given some inside information about Wii’s motion capabilities before it was made public knowledge and once Suda saw Wii’s controls in action, he was sold.

Suda 51 told MCV: “Originally, I’d wanted to make this game for Xbox 360, actually. [Marvelous Interactive boss] Wada-san had information about the new Wii and how the new controller would work before it came out, so that’s why he thought I should produce the game on that format.

“At the time, I didn’t really understand why, but after seeing and understanding how it works, I think it was a good choice and the controller works really well with the game.”

No More Heroes was released in Japan last December and although the game didn’t do too hot sales wise, it’s been received rather well by the critics. The game was also released in North America on January 22, and will arrive in Australia on February 28, and in Europe on February 29.

Suda 51 has said he’s “really willing” to create a sequel to No More Heroes and is already asking around if that can happen. Who knows, if it does end up happening, maybe the next game will be going multi-platform.