Criterion explains lack of full online play in Burnout for the 360 arcade


Gamers who got an XBox 360 arcade over the holidays have been learning a hard lesson: it doesn’t pay to be cheap. Games like Burnout: Paradise are starting to show up on the HDDless casual-market CheapBox, with advanced features like full online play inoperable. One can only wonder; what will the future hold for more ambitious games like Grand Theft Auto IV?

Today, Criterion Games, the makers of Burnout: Paradise released a statement explaining why full online won’t run on the Arcade Box, citing memory card size, data read speeds, and community continuity as the primary reasons for the lack of online multiplayer.

From Criterion’s official website: “It’s important for us that all online players could show off new content when they go online and unfortunately it wasn’t going to be possible to do this by supporting the lowest common storage denominator, the 64Mb Memory Unit, either in size or data read speeds. Crucially we also didn’t want to split the playing community between those that have updated data and those that don’t. We saw this as vital in maintaining simplicity to all online users; different players having different content packages wouldn’t be able to play online with each other.”

Here’s to hoping that other development teams hold their games in such high regard, and stick to their guns. Even if it means cheap gamers are left out of the fun until they upgrade.

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