Egosoft and Koch announce X³: Terran Conflict


Egosoft and Koch Media have announced that their space trading and combat trilogy will come to a spectacular end this year with X³: Terran Conflict. Terran Conflict will be a stand-alone title in the X³ universe and promises to deliver a grand finale that takes the player all the way back to Earth’s solar system. The game will feature a universe bigger than ever before, with more missions than ever before, and will be posing some questions like “How has Earth changed in all these years?” and “And how will relations between Earth and its counterparts in the X universe develop?”

The companies chose not to send out any screenshots with the announcement (the above image is from X³: Reunion) but the game will probably use a beefed up version of the X³ Reality Engine. Terran Conflict will arrive in the third quarter of 2008 under the Deep Silver label.

Bernd Lehahn, Managing Director of Egosoft: “We look forward to adding another successful chapter to the X story, together with Koch Media.”

Dr. Klemens Kundratitz, Managing Director of Koch Media: “The X series has always been one of our top quality brands, and an integral part of the Deep Silver portfolio. So we are very happy to be presenting the gripping next installment of the X universe’s story in X³: Terran Conflict.”