Japan not too fond of Home ?


Sony’s upcoming PlayStation Home service has been getting its share of strong opinions from both sides of the fence – some hate the idea, some love it. Japanese Famitsu magazine has chosen to inject some statistics into the discussion and has done a little survey amongst its readers to find out how some of them feel about Sony’s attempt at a functional virtual world. And the results are probably not what you’d expect.

When asked “What do you think about member services like PlayStation Home?”, 37.3% said they couldn’t care less, 35.4% said they actually dislike such services and only 27.3% said they’re interested in trying it out. A high school student said: “I won’t allow myself to be trapped in some fake reality”, a 22-year-old college student thinks “It just doesn’t look like it’d be fun as a game” and a 24-year-old company guy says “It’s more fun to enjoy myself in the real world.”

Damn! If those percentages and quotes should end up reflecting worldwide opinion, Home is in for a bumpy ride when it launches this spring.

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