Capcom suggests you make a sandwich


As has become increasingly common with PS3 games, Devil May Cry 4 forces players to sit through a lengthy 20-25 minute loading process as the game uploads a few gigs of data onto your hard drive. This enables the game to play smoothly, with minimal loading between levels which leads to an all around quicker in-game pace.

But gamers don’t want to hear all that. They didn’t buy a console to sit through load times, if they wanted to do that they would have bought a PC. Right? Well, Capcom has responded with a big fat “WAH!”….and a friendly suggestion.

From Capcom-unity: “If you don’t want to watch the “Previously, on Devil May Cry…” portion of the install process, go make a sandwich and grab a soda, then come on back. You’re going to be spending some serious time with this game, and we don’t want you going hungry. Low blood sugar will make you dizzy and you’ll need to be focused like an Alan Parsons Project to defeat the enemies in this game.”

And adding that….

…the PS3 version of the game has near-Super Nintendo speed load times. You’ll be amazed how fast levels load, the virtually instantaneous transition from cut scenes to action and that you’re continuously playing the game, as opposed to staring at loading screens of a door opening every time…”

Since we’re talking sandwiches let me suggest one of my favorites; turkey on rye, with swiss cheese, light mayo, hold the mustard. With a Root Beer!

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